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How does Spiritual health affect both Mental and Physical Health?

Living in balance is a much-used cliché these days, but it really does apply when we refer to holistic health or optimal health. On a visit to the healthcare provider during the interview, you will be asked "How are you?" The truth is, in the conventional care setting, you are really not expected to give a lengthy reply. I am fine, or I have been having pain, or I have not been sleeping well. The real focus is on the physical aspects of our health. Mental health providers will explore more, and the depression screen will be applied to assess sleep, appetite, and the level of interest in routine daily activities.

Wellness practitioners, however, understand that they need to know much more about your whole health in order to truly coach you back to optimal health. Discussing spiritual health is very awkward for many. Spiritual health means different things to different persons. It is influenced by our religious beliefs, culture, and practices. Spiritual health is about our connection with a Supreme being, oneself, others, and nature. It is expressed in our sense of belonging, purpose, and duty, with an understanding that God/A Supreme power connects our lives' dimensions. Spiritual health affects other aspects of health, which are physical, mental, and social health.

Mind Body and Soul

Your body responds to the way you think, feel and act. Think of your mind as the control tower. To be able to love, appreciate, and have confidence in yourself regardless of what you may be going through is a personal skill to cultivate and develop. Invest in building or improving your emotional health.

This is the key to "feeling good from the inside out." Having good emotional health means you are aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is one of the life skills that make you able to deal with stress and problems. You will feel good about yourself and have healthy relationships. Poor emotional health weakens the body's immune system. It makes you more susceptible to infections and a worsening of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, cancers, and auto-immune diseases.

Practical Ways to Keep in Balance Spiritual, Mental and Physical Health

Ø Tune in to your feelings without judging them. Do you feel sad, apprehensive, nervous, and anxious, etc.?

Ø Do you have a spiritual practice geared towards keeping you in touch with your inner being? Prayers, meditation, reading of religious books are a few of the spiritually nourishing rituals.

Ø Work at having a positive outlook. Cultivating a Positive Mental Attitude can be developed over time.

Ø Tap into your inner strength to get you through tough moments. Know that we all have the inner strength, which makes us resilient.

Ø Rest and recreation are important for your health. Learn the art of relaxation and the range of techniques and activities you can do yourself.

Ø Focus on taking care of yourself. When you feel good and are doing well physically, all those around you will benefit from your confidence and uplifting spirit.

Ø When you are feeling completely overwhelmed, do not delay in getting help.

When all is well with your soul, this will manifest in all areas of your life. Deepening your spiritual practice is essential for our mental and physical defense against illnesses.

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